Almost 40 years of Experience

The Cholet Mondial Basketball is a U19 International Basketball Tournament which takes place every year at easter in Cholet, France. The 39th edition will be held from the 7th to the 10th April 2023 and will feature 12 teams from different countries : 4 from France and 8 from six other European countries. The tournament gives every year the chance to young players to showcase their skills and compete in a high level international European event. More than an international and worldwide sport event, with European and sometimes North American teams, Cholet Mondial Basketball is a huge human adventure, which leads 180 young players and adults to discover other cultures and languages. This extent is also a valuable dimension to raise. If you need more information about Cholet Mondial Basketball or / and want your team to compete in the tournament, contact us by mail


Some of the players who competed in the tournament

They have become major players in our sport, have played in the reference championships and won the greatest titles. But first they came to participate in our tournament. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the big names who have played on our grounds.